Manage foreign laborers in factories for the HR department Offering services and managing foreign laborers in factories and work establishments.

We assist and take care

of the documents, accommodation, delivery vehicles to-from work, language translators, and administrators
to care for and manage the laborers to be professional and ready for work. Document renewal services and other processes to maintain a legal status are also available.

We provide 24-hour care, complete with a team of interpreters and administrators

  • Our team will check the orderliness of the accommodations, factories, and working areas of the foreign laborers throughout 24 hours.

We monitor the work of the employees every day

  • Our team will handle the detailed tasks, payrolls, and social securities
  • Our team will attend to the employers throughout the entire hiring contract

We check the personal documents of the foreign laborers to be correct and legally valid

  • Assemble the laborers’ information into an effective database
  • We have a team of coordinators to take care of the documents
  • Monitor the documents to be legally valid using a modern information checking system
  • Registration every 90 days / extending the Visa in the 3rd-4th year / extending the work permit for the 3rd-4th time / notification of the residency

Assist in opening a bank accountATM card / contacting the bank

24-hour interpretation services in the area

  • Manage and take care of the foreign laborers’ wellbeing
  • Providing help in cases of death such as coordinating with relevant organizations
  • Check the notification of residency by virtue of Section 37 and 38 correctly

Seek a residence (deposit the insurance) before sending the laborers as well as arranging vehicles to transfer employees to and from work

The benefits which an employer will receive from foreign laborer management services in the factory:

  • Lessen the trouble from the documents and the foreign laborers so that our clients’ human resource departments don’t have to handle the complicated process of documents.
  • Provide convenience and quick processing .