Work on the management of foreigners in the factory Work on the management of foreigners in the factory on behalf of Human Resource Department (semi-subcontract)

We take care of the relevant documents, accommodation, transportation, language translation service, administrators along to human resource management. We also handle the permit renewal process as well as other steps to ensure that the labors have a legal and valid status throughout their working period.

Quality Management with
HR Business Partner

วางใจทีมงาน "HR Bussiness Partner"

Scope of our services and responsibilities

Service standards

  • Quality Management Standard System ISO 9001:2015
  • The labor system (tracking MOU system)can notify employer on expiry date of workers in advance of 15 days
  • Tracking MOU system is convenient in use which employers can check the worksheet 24 hours a day via smartphone, the system will display the proceeding status and estimate the date of completion
  • Our officers have been trained on the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
  • Our officers have been trained on the Rights and Duties of Migrant Workers (IOM)

Provide aid with foreign workers

  • Providing transportation for foreign workers from the accommodation to reach the work place
  • Providing accommodation for foreign workers by arranging for a deposit of accommodation insurance
  • Assist workers in opening bank account
  • Teaching how to use banking transaction
  • Notify on registration as insured person SSO 1-03 and request for identification number to be a tax payer

Take precautions against the spread of Corona virus 2019

  • Checking for virus by means of Rapid Antigen Test (ATK) for all employee

Training for knowledge transfer

  • Training And an understanding of work, rules and regulations, and translating the rules of the employer, including training about the work of foreign workers.

Assistance with accident or death

  • Provide assistance for sick, pain and accidents
  • Proceeding report in case of death
  • Arrangement on moving dead-body along with document
  • Help with documentation

Taking care on accommodation of foreign worker

  • Do not carry dangerous weapons.
  • Do not use drugs and alcohol
  • Do not gambling
  • Do not quarrel

Take care of the documents of foreign workers

  • Carry out legal foreign workers documents
  • Report for 90 days. / Notification of the residency
  • Inbound and outbound
  • Work Permit
  • Visa extension after 4 years

Checking on identity document of foreign workers

  • Implementation of foreign worker documents legally
  • Verify the correctness of documents before bringing migrant workers to their employers.

Follow up and bring the property back to the employer

  • In case of any worker/employer who “received Termination” of employment, the company will follow up and return the assets to the employer, such as employee cards, etc.


  • Check control behavior of foreign workers Throughout the period that the employee is an employee of the employer

Manage foreign laborers in factories for the HR department Offering services and managing foreign laborers in factories and work establishments.

Because all our laborers are legally recruited and processed,

both employers and employees can feel totally a peace. For us, we consider
our clients’ tasks as one of our own, therefore we doing our best to satisfy all expectations.