The MOU 4-years term completion and 6-years term completion in 2023

Employer change service, notification in – notification out
May 8, 2023

The MOU 4-years term completion and 6-years term completion in 2023,

receiving services (MOU – Return) for 3 nationalities.

The MOU that completes the employment term for 4 years and completes 6 years is a group of foreign workers of 3 nationalities, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos who come to work under the MOU system which the employment term will complete 4 years and 6 years, have to go back in order to make an MOU to work in Thailand again.  To stay and work for 2 years and extend the work permit for another 2 years in the country from the date the original license expires. (MOU-Return processing time after approval of the request for importation of aliens (Demand Letter) takes 45-60 working days.)

Require documents for importing MOU – Return labor

Employer / Juristic person documents (5 sets)

1. A copy of full set company certificate (Not older than 3 months).
2. A copy of ID card (Authorize signatory).
3. A copy of house registration (Authorize signatory).
4. A copy of commercial registration or commercial registration or PP. 20.
5. A copy factory operation license (Ror.Ngor.4).
6. A company maps.

Employer / Normal people (5 sets)
1. A copy of ID card.
2. A copy of house registration.
3. The house maps.

** If not the host of the house, add the host documents**

1. A copy ID card of (hose of the house).
2. A copy house registration of (hose of the house).
3. A letter of consent to use the place.

Type of work / construction work
– A copy of the construction contract Not less than 2 years old.
– A copy of the house registration or the title deed of the construction site in the contract.
– A copy of the contract party’s ID card (employer).
– A copy of the contract party’s house registration (employer).
– Map of the construction site.

For other businesses there must be additional documents such as panel rental agreement, commercial registration, etc.
– Stall trade.
– Restaurant.
– Other businesses.
– Agriculture (add a copy of the title deed).

In case of renting a place
1. Lease Agreement.
2. A copy of ID card (lessor).
3. A copy of house registration (lessor).
4. Map

Required documents of foreign workers
1. Copy of passport page.
2. VISA copy
3. A copy of the work permit.
4. 6 photographs of labor size 1.5 inches or 2 inches with white background. (Laos and Cambodian nationality workers)