Import foreign workers 4 nationalities (MOU)

Process documents for all steps of importing labors along with completing documents
to simplify the process of hiring foreign workers.

Import foreign workers according to the MOU system (newly worker)

Import foreign workers who have completed
4-years and 6-years term

Identified workers who have committed illegal acts (the recycle-group)

Benefit from us to employers

The MOU documents that the employer will receive

                     สิ่งที่นายจ้างจะได้รับ จาก เดอะ เฟิร์ส
                     เอกสารแรงงานต่างด้าว MOU ที่นายจ้างจะได้รับ

Workers Training before deliver to employer

Advantages that the employer will receive by
using The First Good Man’s services

                     เดอะ เฟิร์ส

Atmosphere of importing 4 nationalities (MOU) foreign workers


Because all our foreign workers are legally recruited
and rightly proceeding

both employers and employees are totally get pleasure on our service.
We insist to do our best service for valuable customers.