Why customer choose The First!

With the company's concept and operation policy, The First focuses on procedural implementation under well organized plans. Clearly, it is possible to promote and support the business operations of customers so that they can hire foreign workers quickly, on time and as received labors on time. The employer can be checked and able to plan production capacity according to the platform, this is to reduce complicated procedures for employers in handling their workers. The company is ready to provide full services and taking care the employer who is our value customer through our team of experts.

The service covers all areas

There is a monitoring service office for foreign workers covered under systematic management in various borders-crossing points thoroughly.
We have trained our staff to have high potentials.
Deputy Managing Director

" Quality Management Policy "

Whatever we can do for employers who need to have foreign labors to work for their business, The First is the most convenient, most comfortable, fastest, punctual and serve with completed documents legally. And the most importance, we are committed to continuing our corporate development,
so that employers can be trusted in our services efficiently.

Sales Coordinator

"The focus is on proactive marketing, providing customer service and after-sales service, increasing marketing efficiency."

  • Providing services according to customer needs
  • Develop service systems to meet customer needs
  • Provide assistance to customers
  • Take care of consulting about foreign workers
  • Accounting Department

  • Open a bank account for foreign workers
  • Notifying for Insured Registration Service (SSO 1-03)
  • Requesting for a taxpayer identification number
  • Checking the status of foreign workers
  • who are in legality status
  • Document Department

    Providing all relevant documents according to the law
  • Demand
  • Name list
  • In-Out notification
  • Notify labor status within 90 days / notify the accommodation
  • within 24 hours.
  • Work permit/VISA
  • Document receiving officer

  • Prepare and check documents before submitting
  • to the relevant departments
  • Follow up and notify the progress of the submitted documents
  • with government agencies
  • Deliver completed accurately documents to the client's
  • company with fast-service
  • Oversea Coordination Team

  • Contact and coordinate MOU documents that submitted
  • to the authorities of the country of origin; 4 nationalities
  • covered, throughout the well processing of import
  • foreign labor and on time specified
  • Follow up on the work and notify the progression of submitted
  • legal documents from the 4 country of origin.
  • Our management structure is carefully designed with the main
    purpose to serve employers efficiently

    Foreign Worker Employment Agency The First Good Man Group Company Limited

    Because all our foreign workers are legally recruited
    and rightly proceeding

    both employers and employees are totally get pleasure on our service.
    We insist to do our best service for valuable customers.