MOU, 2 years term expired, visa extension service Work permit for another 2 years

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February 24, 2020
MOU completes 4-year term in 2022 Visa extension service Work permit for another 2 years
May 6, 2023

MOU, 2 years term expired, visa extension service Work permit for another 2 years

Services for extending (work permit) and extending foreign worker (visa) MOU for a term of 2 years, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos nationality, MOU for a term of 2 years and want to continue for another 2 years.

Work permit is a document issued to foreigners entering Thailand .with the purpose of doing business or become an employee It confirms that these people can work legally.

Work permit for foreign workers MOU.
The importation of foreign workers MOU will receive a work permit for 2 years. After 2 years, they can apply for an extension to stay in Thailand without having to return to their country of origin for another 2 years, a total of 4 years. If the employer or the foreign worker does not continue in time may result in legal fines or must proceed to make a new MOU.
Procedures for extending work permits for foreign workers And renew the foreign worker visa MOU, complete the term of 2 year.

1. Workers go for health check-ups at government hospitals or private hospitals. with permission for foreign workers to have health check.
2. Labor taking pictures
3. The employer signs the form that we provide.
4. Bring all documents to the company.

Documents required by the employer to renew the work permit for foreign workers and renew foreign worker visa

1. Copies of the Company’s affidavit not older than 3-6 months (in the case of a juristic person) to 4 sets
2. Copies of the employer’s ID card or authorized directors, amounting to 4 sets
3. Of the employer’s house registration or authorized director to 4 sets
4. Copies of commercial registration or commercial registration or registration certificate 20 to 4 sets
5. Company maps to 4 sets

*Sign and stamp every sheet of the company.

Documents required by foreign workers for renewal of work permits and visa

1. Copy of passport page with original passport
2. Copy of the visa with the original
3. Work permit with original
4. Photographs 15-inch to 4 sets
5. Original medical certificate with medical certificate receipt

The MOU extension after 2 years can be done in advance. If it expires, it cannot be done.
– Able to apply for work permits, foreign workers, work permits and visas for foreign workers 45 days before the expiration date
– If the work permit and visa expired, there will be a fine of 500 baht per day up to 20,000 baht