Employer change service, notification in – notification out

Notify the alien’s residence to the government agency according to the law
May 8, 2023
The MOU 4-years term completion and 6-years term completion in 2023
May 29, 2023

Employer change service, notification in – notification out

Changing employers of foreign workers

Change of employer what employers really do is notify in – notify out by the former employer. have a duty to notify When foreign workers leave their jobs and new employers who accept foreign workers have a duty to report to work

Conditions for changing employers of foreign workers
* Changing employers for MOU migrant workers of Myanmar, Cambodia and Lao nationality can be changed in the following cases.
1. The employer terminates the employment or the employer dies.
2. The employer abuses or harms the employee.
3. The employer does not comply with the contract or labor protection law.
4. Bankruptcy of the employer
5. The employee works in an environment that may be harmful to the physical, mental, and health. or the life of the employee

Changing employers must be documented and performed as follows:
1. Must have a resignation letter from the previous employer (processed at the employment office of the previous employer). The letter of resignation is valid for 15 days.
2. Notification to the new employer must go (processed at the employment office at the new employer) and notify within 15 days

Documents required to notify foreign workers
Employer documents
1. Copy of the employer’s ID card
2. Copy of the employer’s house registration
3. (Juristic person) in case of registering as a company, use 1 copy of certificate
4. Sign with company seal on every sheet

Labor documents
1. Copy of passport
2. Copy of the visa
3. Copy of the work permit


Documents required to notify foreign workers
Employer documents
1. Company affidavit not older than 3 months
2. Copy of ID card
3. Copy of house registration
4. Only construction work Requires 1 set of construction contracts

Labor documents
1. Original passport
2. Original work permit
3. Three photographs with white background, size 1.5 inches.
4. The original issuance notification, not more than 60 days (in the case of a mou, no more than 15 days)